Chau Doc- An Giang

An Giang is located west of the Mekong Delta between the Tien Giang and Hau Giang Rivers and shares a 95-km border with Cambodia. It is next to the Cuu Long River and consists of a few midland areas and low mountains.

 An Giang is the most populous province with over 2.1 million people, and the fourth-largest province by area with over 3.5 thousand square kilometers.

An Giang is criss-crossed by many rivers and canals which make a convenient water transport system. The two tributaries of the Mekong river, the Tien and the Hau, run across the province. They deliver millions of cubic meters of alluvium annually to the region. As a result, the deposits have formed several islets which are extremely fertile and covered with lush green vegetation.

An Giang has long been famous for its traditional occupation of mulberry growing, silkworm raising and silk weaving.

 An Giang is home to a sizeable number of people from Vietnam‘s ethnic minorities. While the Khmer is the largest non- Vietnamese group, the Cham and ethnic Chinese are boasted in the second and the third. Besides, An Giang is the first province in the area that encompassed 2 independent municipalities Long Xuyen and Chau Doc.

Famous sites and attractions include An Giang Museum in Long Xuyen, Ba Sam Temple Festival at Sam Mountain in Chau Doc, and Cam Mountain in Binh Tien.

                       Cam Mountain