Gia Lai

Gia Lai is located in the Central Highlands. It shares the border with Kon Tum Province on the north, Dak Lak Province on the south, Cambodia on the west, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen provinces on the east.
Gia Lai province has a great potential of developing tourism because it owns many beautiful natural landmarks, cultural and ethnic diversity. The primeval forests in Gia Lai is not only rich in the variety of flora and fauna but also many waterfalls, streams, lakes attractive to visitors.
Minh Thanh Temple is one of the most fascinating attractions in Gia Lai. This temple was designed and constructed in Madalah trend. These works of art or pictures of the temple are carved on the basis of Sanskrit Tantra.

In Gia Lai, there are tourists and other interesting attractions such as the top of Ham Rong mountain, Mang Yang Pass, rubber hills, coffee hills. River tours, elephant village tours through the forests are attractive to tourists.
Apart of that, tens of thousands of visitors are attracted to Dong Xanh Cutural Park in which many typical varieties of flowers and trees of Central Highlands are planted. 
The province is also proud of funeral houses, La Phum, D'ko Tu traditional villages with special Rong house. Whenever going to this windy and sunny land, visitors are likely to see the unique architectural style of the statues in funeral houses, and to investigate the local customs and practice mysterious to them.