Cam Ranh Bay

Situated 60 km from Nha Trang city, Cam Ranh Bay with its pristine beauty is considered a  blue pearl of Vietnam. It is regarded as one of three best bays in the world along with San Francisco in U.S.A and Rio De Janiero in Brazil.

Cam Ranh Bay used to be a very noisy and bustling port in the past, but now it is quiet and calm. Mountains and sea are combined to form a masterpiece of the natural marvels throughout Cam Ranh. Coming to Cam Ranh, tourists can enjoy the unique scenery of mountains, sea and landscape.

Cam Ranh Bay is about 100 kilometers squared in size, between five to six kilometers in width, nearly 15 kilometers in length, and about 15-20 meters deep. Cam Ranh Bay is almost closed by Cam Ranh peninsula from the North spreading and covering the East and the West, to the South the bay is landlocked, and has only an estuary. With that figure, it is like an arm embracing the bay, forming a belt so that the water surface is always peaceful. Boating on the bay is like “traveling on a flying carpet” because of no big waves. All the time, the weather is always mildly sunny, the sky is alway clearly bue, creating a beautiful blue scene for the bay.

                                                 Beautiful beach of Cam Ranh Bay 

                             White sand on the Cam Ranh Bay's  beach makes the scenery look amazing

                                                       Binh Ba Isle in Cam Ranh Bay

                                                       Binh Hung Isle in Cam Ranh Bay 

                                            Binh Lap Isle in Cam Ranh Bay is considered as the miniature Maldives

                                            Robinson Isle in Cam Ranh Bay

The nature in Cam Ranh Bay is very pretty, and is nearly pristine: golden sand-bank stretches smoothly as if it has never have footprints on (Sand in Cam Ranh Bay has a high content of silicon and titanium, used to be exported to Japan to manufacture glass); beneath the gulf there are coral reefs and eye-catching colorful fish. But the most beautiful scene is the populations of granitic cliffs forming from the erosion by the wind and the sea. Cam Ranh Bay also has many nice pristine seaside resort, with tall green coco trees, which contributes to specialties of Centre coast.

                                                     Ngoc Suong Resort in Cam Ranh Bay

                                                 Russian Cam Ranh Resort 

Cam Ranh Peninsula has a big advantage of significant resources of fresh water under the ground. That is why this place is  fertile and covered by the green of fruit trees. In spring, Cam Ranh is outstanding with color of ochna flowers. The peninsula is also the home to wild animals and popular seafood such as Binh Ba lobster, Thuy Trieu bloody clams…

 Cam Ranh Bay is indeed a worthy tourist destination. Do not miss any chance to visit this spectacular Bay in Nha Trang.