Con Dao Beaches

Being well- known for its clear turquoise sea and sandy beaches shaded by green hills, Con Dao with its wild and natural beauty has attracted thousands of domestic and foreign tourists.
Located in the center of Con Dao district, An Hai beach is a sandy continuation of the harbour front that stretches southwest of Con Son town. Processing a crystal water and calm waves by dint of high mountains sheltering, the beach is an ideal attraction in Con Dao for tourists to relax and explore natural landscapes in this island.
An Hai beach
Situated at the end of Con Dao district, with its favorable position and unspoiled beauty, Lo Voi beach is a great place for lovers of picnics. Along with An Hai beach, Lo Voi beach with its calm, clean and clear blue seawater has created a beautiful Con Dao beach.
Lo Voi beach
Dat Doc beach is located next to the luxury Six Senses Con Dao Resort, in the Northeast of Con Dao town. The beach is gorgeous with the clean and cool water and the kilometer-long crescent of pale sand surrounded by the green lush hills.
Dat Doc beach
Located in the North of Con Dao town, Ong Dung beach with its unspoiled natural beauty and fresh environment,  is an ideal destination for fans of picnics, fishing and diving.
 Ong Dung beach
Surrounded by a secluded green forest, Dam Trau beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Con Dao. It has a stunning scenery of white smooth sand stretching along the foot of all-shaped cliffs and the cool blue watersea with the colorful coral reef under the surface. Visiting Dam Trau beach, beside swimming, diving to see the coral, having a nice sunbath or eating the fresh delicious seafood, you also have a chance to hear the locals tell the legends of Hon Cau and Dam Trau beach.

Dam Trau beach

 Nhat beach is 6km away from Ben Dam, attractive with the sand mixed with beautiful pebblestones,. The beach only appears for a few hours per day as the tidal level. In other time of the day, the beach is submerged in water to “looking forward” the discovery of tourists.

 Nhat beach

Located not far from Nhat beach is the Love Mountain (Đỉnh Tình Yêu in Vietnamese). The mountain appears as a couple holding each other, this explains why it got the name “ Love Mount”. In the wedding season, many couples choose this amazing Mount to do their wedding photography. Standing on the Shark Cape (Mũi Cá Mập in Vietnamese), tourists can see the marvellous sight from the Love Mountain.

The Con Dao island with its amazing pristine and charming beaches has been one of the best tourist attractions in the Southern Vietnam where you should visit at least one time in your life.