Da Bac Island

Da Bac Island (Silver Stone Island) is located in Kinh Hon Hamlet, Khanh Binh Tay Commune, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province, about 50km from Ca Mau City centre. Covering an area of 6.4ha with a rich ecosystem of flora, Hon Da Island is a beautiful cluster of 3 islets close to the seashore, namely Ong Ngo islet, Da Le islet and Da Bac islet.

Da Bac Island is divided into four peaks including two high peaks and two low peaks extending to the sea. The highest peak in this islet is only 50m from sea-level.

Seen from afar, Da Bac Island looks like a natural rock-garden amidst the immense sea. The islet has ancient trees and under their shade are countless shiny granite boulders. Some of the rocks have weird shapes that people have named, San Tien (fairy yard), Gieng Tien (fairy well), Ban Chan Tien (fairy foot) and Ban Tay Da (stone hand).

Da Bac Island is also home to several tourist attractions such as Hung Hue Pagoda, Ca Ong Temple. In addition, during the resistance war against American imperialist, Hon Da Island was selected as the garrison of American troops to control revolution base of Khanh Binh Tay and coastal region in the west of Ca Mau.

 Da Bac Island still preserves its primitive forests and vegetal cover. It is no wonder why coming here, tourists may hear the rustling of leaves all year round. After a busy sightseeing day, tourists can enjoy marine specialities, including shrimps, crabs or oysters, which are cheap yet delicious.
Da Bac Island is an ideal destination for the tourists who want to return to the nature. Sitting on a granite rocks and enjoying the sunset or admiring the moonlight while the waves lap the beach will not be forgotten.