Front Beach and Back Beach

Bai Truoc, or Front Beach, is set between Nui Lon mountain and Nui Nho mountain, and is nearest to the actual town of Vung Tau. Locals also refer to the beach as Bai Tam Duong, or "Searching for the Sun Beach". The beach is shaped like a crescent and lined with coconut trees. Despite the pleasant surroundings, the water is not very clean because of the nearby offshore drilling and the ferry port. Instead, tourists usually take advantage of the many kiosks, open-air restaurants and bars.

Opposite to Bai Truoc is Bai Sau, Back beach (or Thuy Van beach). Back Beach is well-known for its over 10 km of fine sand seaside. The beach is always excited and busy with almost tourists both from the city itself and the world. At weekends or on holidays, there are thousands of people coming here for swimming and entertainment. In Bai Sau, there is a popular kind of entertainment: Paradis, the upgraded swimming and relaxing area, and a system of modern hotels, welcoming all tourists.