Halong Bay Beauty

Comprised of a multitude of limestone islands and islets rising from the sea, in a variety of sizes and shapes and presenting picturesque, unspoiled nature, Ha Long Bay is a spectacular seascape sculpted by nature. Outstanding features of the property include the magnificent towering limestone pillars associated with notches, arches and caves, which are exceptionally well-developed and among the best presented of their type in the world.

The geomorphology of Halong Bay is known as “drowned karst due to the unusual combination of its limestone karst features which have been subject to the repeated rise and fall of the sea over millions of years. The limestone formations of Halong Bay have been eroded into a mature landscape of fengcong (clusters of conical peaks) and fenglin (isolated tower features, modified later by the invasion of the sea. The smaller islands consist of fenglin towers that are 50m to 100m high.  Many have vertical walls on all or most sides and these continue to evolve because of rock falls.

The sea’s invasion of Halong Bay has added an extra element to the normal process of lateral undercutting of the limestone towers and islands. The most conspicuous feature of this erosion is the large notch cut into the entire rocky coastline, which can be seen from the air. Notches are a feature of limestone cliffs worldwide, but those of Halong Bay are exceptionally well developed and, at many sites, extend into arches and caves. This process of undercutting and subsequent erosion maintains the steep faces of the fenglin karst towers and thereby perpetuates the spectacular nature of the landscape.

Extensive limestone caves represent another important feature of Halong Bay, with three main types identified: old phreatic caves formed below the water table of the time; old karstic foot caves formed by lateral undercutting of cliffs at base level; and marine notch caves formed at sea level where rock structures are powerfully eroded and eventually reduced to a wave-cut platform.
Thien Cung Cave

 Sung Sot Cave

Dau Go Cave

Bo Nau Cave

Me Cung Cave

Trinh Nu Cave

A third distinctive feature of Halong Bay is the abundance of lakes within the larger limestone islands.
Ha Long Bay is undoubtedly not only a national but also a world nature, a magnificient work of Natural Creator. Do not miss any chance to visit this spectacular Bay if you’re a lover of natural beauty.