Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Located on the eastern side of Phu quoc Island, Ham Ninh village is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and peaceful daily life of local fishermen.

Coming to Ham Ninh village, visitors will find a jetty that extends a couple hundred meters out to sea to allow for the shallow waters along the coast here. Ham Ninh mountains to the west provide a scenic backdrop for the town, the mountain range running for 30kms along this side of the coast, which includes the highest peak on the island, Mount Chua at 603 meters. The waters off Ham Ninh contain the majority of the islands seaweed beds which provide a necessary source of food to the endangered Dugong, of which there are very few remaining.

Visiting Ham Ninh, visitors have a golden chance to taste mouth-watering and healthful drinks and seafood like ginseng- seaweed water, “Tram” mushroom (a special kind of mushroom in the island), sea-horse soaking in the liquor and so on. And it is so great to lie on the sand, enjoy boiled flower crab meat and watch the stunning sunset on the beach. Before coming back home, visitors can buy some flower crabs, a bottle of sea-horse in liquor or some souvenirs made of shell as gifts for friends and family.