Ham Rong mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is a part of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range in northern Lao Cai province’s Sapa town.

Being shaped like a dragon’s head dimly looming in the thin veil of the early morning, Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw) Mountain that is fine combination of man-made and natural landscape is an attractive tourist area in the center of Sapa town.

The name of Ham Rong was derived from the legend that, in primitive age there were a couple of dragons which became attached to each other while the deluge was rising high. Walking up, they hurrily separated from each other but failed. They were drifted to different places.

After a long time, the female dragon was petrified but still tried to raise its eyes to the male dragon on the Hoang Lien mountain in the west because its instinct for survival remained.

Ham Rong Mountain has been listed among top 8 stunning sunsets in the world, according to the US’ Huffington Post newspaper. It is approximately 2000 meters high with green trees and colorful flowers almost all year round. The average slope angle is about 30 degrees. The main terrain is casteur. Surrounding Ham Rong, there are many types of mountain, evergreen closed forest with lush green trees. The average temperature in Ham Rong Mountain is from 15 – 18 Celsius degree. The average rainfall is from 1,800 to 2,000mm. Interestingly, in winter, there may have snowfall.

Being built in 1996, Ham Rong tourist resorts has 148 hectares width, which fully exploits the pristine nature landscape of the rock moss. The higher you climb, the more surprised you are by the beautiful sights of Orchid Garden , Heaven Gate, Cloud Yard, Peach garden

It will not be overpraised if saying that Ham Rong is like a miniature Sapa because it offers you an overview of natural beauty, culture and people of mountainous area. The stunning beauty of flowers on the mountain will give you an impressive welcome irrespective of whether you have come here the first time or many times.

Along the way up to Ham Rong Mountain are multiple species of flowers. Walking for a while, you will meet an orchid garden located halfway up the mountain. There are 6,000 orchid baskets with hundreds of orchid species including the rarest ones in this garden, this makes Ham Rong looks so vivid.

The flower garden whose name “Europe” is situated at the center of Ham Rong Mountain. This garden owns plenty of beautiful specific flower species of cold climate imported from abroad. Apart from orchids, hydrangeas is the second-most flower in Ham Rong. It grows in cliffs, beside small gardens, or is planted in a large distinct garden.

Continuing climbing up, you will meet San May (Cloud Yard) giving you the best chance to enjoy the panorama of Sapa Townlet . At the height of 1.800 m above sea level, you are able to sense the interference of heaven and earth and leisurely walk on clouds.

With its natural beauty and rich cultural value, the poetic and grandiose Ham Rong mountain will definitely impress you. Don’t hesitate to visit this fairy land.