Ho Chi Minh's House on Stilts

Ho Chi Minh’s house on stilts is located in the Presidential Palace campus in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

With the virtues of simplicity and loving nature, Uncle Ho did not like living and working in the Presidential Palace. In May 1958, according to the inspiration of Uncle Ho, officers and soldiers built a Stilt House in the garden of Presidential Palace. He lived and worked in here until he passed away in 1969.

The path to get to the house from the Presidential palace is beautifully covered with gravel. The house was built with polished wood, has two floors. The ground floor was the meeting place, consisting of 12 chairs around a large table. The upstairs has two rooms where Uncle Ho worked and lived. There is a bookshelf used as a wattle between his working room and bed room. The bottom layer of the shelf is laid a small typewriter used by him. His bed room is very simple with a single wooden bed, a small blanket, a rush mat, a fan made of palm leaves and a bottle of water. Visitors can see a cotton bonnet he used to wear. Some books he was reading are left on the table.

Surrounded by idyllically natural landscapes including a hibiscus hedge, a fishpond, and fruit trees, Uncle Ho's House on Stilts is a symbol of his simplicity and gentleness.