Hon Ba Mountain

Hon Ba Mountain is located in Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province, 60km from Nha Trang city to the North. At a height of 1300m above sea level, Hon Ba enjoys an all-year- round cool climate with a high humidity level contributing to biodiversity. The humid tropical climate fosters the development of dense forests with abundant plants and wildlife.

The Hon Ba nature reserve covers 19,000 hectares. It is home to 592 plant species and 255 kinds of animals, including 100 rare fauna and flora species listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species.
On Hon Ba, there is a famous a wooden house of the famous French doctor, Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943). With a toral area of 100m2, the two floor house built in 1913 was restored. With the beautiful garden of flowers and medicinal herbs, the house gives the visitors a feeling of  quiet and peace. According to the documents recorded in1915, while working in Nha Trang, he found that the temperature of Hon Ba was completely similar to Da Lat’s. He decided to grow medicinal herbs on this land. 
Halfway up to the mountain  is a great bathing place, and closer to the top the road starts winding and revealing amazing views. The serpantine road is especially interesting when going down, like a roller-coaster
Hon Ba with its primitive beauty, is an ideal place for those who want to discover wild and natural beauty.