Lang Biang Mountain

Lang Biang Mountains is located on Lang Biang Plateau, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province. It’s only about 12km from Dalat centre and sometimes called Lam Vien Mountain as well.

Lang Bian  is also called Mother Mountain, including two peaks with its height of 2,169m above the sea level. It is regarded as the roof of Da Lat. The mountain is famous for its spectacular nature, as well as its marvelous view of the whole wide area of Dalat City, the forest, the rivers and houses of tribal people.

The name of the mountain was originated from a legend about a passionate love. According to the old stories, there was a blue story of K’Lang (a boy of Lach minority people) and Ho-Bian (a girl of Chil minority people). Because of belonging to the Chil tribe’s enemy, Ho-Bian couldn't get married to K'Lang; however, they decided to overcome their strict customs and got married. Then they left their hometown and came to live in a place in the top of the mountain. One day, Ho-Bian was ill, K’Lang managed to cure his wife but she couldn't get over her illness. K'Lang decided to go back Ho- Bian village to inform people about her illness. However, because Chil people hated him, they prepared a bow and a poisoned arrow to kill him. Suddenly, Ho-Bian went to stand before K'Lang to prevent her husband from the arrow. The arrow shot her and she died. K'Lang cried a lot and he also died. His tear turned into a scream that people call DanKia now.

Lam Dong Province has an uneven terrain with 3 plateaus: Lang Bian - Da Lat, Dran - Lien Khuong, B'lao - Di Linh and a tableland, Huai - Cat Tien. Lang Bian plateau in the early 19th century was still a sparsely rugged land with few residents. The local people focus in some villages, the largest is Dankia. Over a century, the face of the Lang Bian Plateau changed much, except for a few places like the Cu hill against drought.
From the center of Dalat city, it took visitors 15 minutes by motorcycles or cars to reach Lang Bian mountain foot where Highland ethnic communities gather, such as Lat, Chil (Coho), etc. Especially, Lach people have lived here for a long time so they are quite close to this mountain.
From November 1999, this area has been allocated for Lam Dong Tourism Company, named Lang Bian resorts. Topography of Lang Bian is suitable for tourists to have outside camping as well as to find a little bit of cold in mountainous regions. There are many areas to wait for and welcome tourists at the foot of the mountain. In addition to the superior leisure resorts, there are campsites and necessary services to the guests who stop here for sightseeing and relaxation.
Tourists can camp overnight, gathers around the fire, drinks some pipe-wine, listens to the folklore song and the sound of Lach traditional instruments. At the campsites, they can eat, drink, sing, and dance all night. In the daytime, tourists are watching Lach girls weaving, and visitors can also purchase their specialties like baskets, or colorful brocades.
Visiting this mountain, visitors can try some interesting sports such as hiking, rope- climbing, paragliding, etc. 

Lang Bian Mountain with its majestic beauty, is a must- see destination in the city of Flowers- Da Lat.