Lung Cu Peak

Located in Dong Van district, 200km from the center of Ha Giang, Lung Cu peak is an ideal destination for lovers of trekking.
Viewing from a far, Lung Cu appears as a rocky area, highlighted by a high flag tower with a catchy red flag of Vietnam, which is surrounded by lush green forests. The total are of Lung Cu Town is 3,460 ha, which is divided into 9 villages: Lo Lo Chai, Seo Lung, Ta Gia Khau Can Tang, Then Van, Then Sa, Si Man Khan, San Cho, San Sa Phin. Here, people live mainly on farming and weaving. These villages are ideal for trekking tour around Lung Cu.

The weather in Lung Cu is mild year around, except for an extremely cold winter, when the temperature might be negative and it snows sometimes. Lung Cu is also known as a historical place of ancient objects dated Hung King ages. During Tay Son Age (1788 – 1802), this borderland played a critical part to announce the whole country if there is any signal of Northern invaders by using giant drums. Due to this, craftsmen in Lo Lo Village are skilled in making and using Dong Son Drum.
Mentioning about Lung Cu, people may immediately refer to specialties such as Shan Tea, honey wine, corn wine, peach blossom, pear blossom, Thang Co (cattle’s organs hotpot) and village fairs; and unique cultural patterns of ethnic minorities like Hmong, Lo Lo, and Dzay, etc. Visit Lung Cu in the Spring to get the most beautiful days of a year with fresh air, melodies of love, and flickering drums next to warm camp-fire.