Minh Dam Mountain

Minh Dam mountain is situated in Long Dien district and Dat Do district. Thanks to its advantageous height of 260 meters, fresh water source and many adventurous caves, it used  to be a guerilla base during wartime (1933-1975).

The mountain is named  Minh Dam since 1948 when Ba Ria Provincial  Party Committee decided to chose this palace as the base in the war against France. Minh Dam was formed from the names of two Revolution soldiers Bui Cong Minh  and Mac Thanh Dam who were the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Long Dien district Party Committee who sacrificed in the war.

During the American war, Minh Dam was built as a supply point for different units, even the regular army. Aiming to destroy the base, Americans and their allies – especially Australian forces – used a wide range of modern weapons, from teams of rangers to B-52 Stratofortress’ sorties. Before the end of war in April 1975, the mountain area witnessed many fierce battles between Revolutionary soldiers and Americans, Australian and former Saigon regime forces.

Today, Minh Dam has become an enjoyable destination on the tourist tour of Long Hai Beach. Except for a war museum on the top of the mountain, visitors will be able to explore large, overcast caves, have fun with cheeky monkeys and bathe in sumptuous streams.