Ngu Binh Mountain

‚ÄčAt about 103 meters in height, Ngu Binh Mountain (also called Ngu Mountain, Bang Mountain or Hon Mo) is located on the right bank of the Huong River (Perfume River). From the center of Hue city, the mountain is located 4km to the south. On both sides of the mountain there are two small mountains, which are Huu Bat Son and Ta Bat Son.

Together with Huong River, Ngu Binh Mountain is a present from Mother nature to Hue. This magnificent mountain along with the blue limpid Huong River combines to become the symbol of Hue’s beauty. Vietnamese often call Hue as the region of Huong River – Ngu Mountain.

The spectacular scenery of the mountain has attracted many generations of tourists. On nice days, from Ngu Binh Mountain, visitors could view the entire city with ancient pagodas, the sparkling palace, and Huong River. From the east, the white sand-bank of the beach named Thuan An along with the blue color of the East Sea creates the wonderful picture that has touched the soul of many poets and artists.

Vong Canh Hill, one of the most famous Hue attractions is a few kilometers away from Ngu Binh Mountain. From this hill, visitors can observe fruit trees like Areca catechu, Longan, orange, and so on that blend with the roof of the pagoda, temple and tombs. Huong River is considered as a band of silk. Most noticeably, in the morning or sunset, standing on this mountain, people can feel the poetic beauty of Hue.