Nha Phu Lagoon

Located  15km away from Nha Trang Beach, to the north, Nha Phu Lagoon is a paradise for nature lovers who want to immerse themselves in tranquility.

Nha Phu Lagoon has peaceful waves all year around. In the middle of the sea and blue and clear sky, the cluster of dreamlike islands looks like the sails to be filled with winds going offshore. Thi islet is one of the more popular islands. It features a pristine beach for swimming and playing games, and visitors can enjoy char-coal-grilled or fried fresh seafood, meat and vegetables that are served on bamboo tables.

The most popular island is Hon Lao which is also called the “Monkey island” because there are a hundred of monkeys inhabit here since long time ago.

Hon Thi is another beautiful island with pristine nature which is home of ostrichs, deer and goats.