Phu Quy Island

Lying in central Vietnam, about 103km from Phan Thiet city, Phu Quy island is an ideal tourist destination for holiday-makers as it houses 10 small islets, with Phu Quy Island being the biggest in pristine condition.
The island district has a total area of With its long stretch of white sandy beaches and dense coral reefs, only the rocky, northern half of the island is inhabited. Endowed with beautiful landscapes which include vast rows or casuarinas trees, the entirety of the island district is very pristine. 

 It has an abundant source of seafood, making its Binh Thuan province the second largest fishing area in Viet Nam. Phu Quy is like a generous host that would try to compensate for visitors after a long journey. Its foods are fresh, tasty, cheap and weird. They include “Moon crabs” that have red spots on the back, and “King crabs” that have a better quality than in other areas.
The island also offers steamed or grilled lobsters that can make a visitor’s tongue really “numb”. There is a buffet from snails which are soft, sweet, and fat. Fish buffet is another feast that eaters can’t forget, with enough boiled, grilled, fried, steamed fish, cooked porridge, fish soup, and fish rolls which are always extremely tasty. Visitors would be surprised by the wealth of the islands. All the roads are wide and asphalted. Basaltic soil makes fruit trees luxuriant, including the mango and guava that have sweet tastes thanks to the climate and soil characteristics.