Sapa Ethnic Market

Those who have been to Sapa, surely visited the market and bought some Sapa souvenir like brocade items, hand- made jewelries …Going to the market is also a chance to discover this region’s cultural beauty.

The market is spread out to every corner of this town. They have markets in groups on a church’s stairs, in the flower garden’s path, along the street pavement, on the terraced roads pitched with blue stones, under the old trees’ shadow in the soccer field’s path. Coming to the market in Sapa, you will discover plenty of interesting things such as the scene of old industrious old people doing multi tasking like sewing clothing, laying the sale items, children happily playing in the market, holding a silver bracelet, a cane flute or a sachet.

The most typical and popular sale item in Sapa is brocade, especially the one sold in Muong Hum fairs. In the traditional affection of the most populated ethnic minorities in Sapa, H’Mong and Dao, clothing for women must be always beautiful and neat. Beside brocade clothes, there are also a lot of brocade items made by the locals such as hats, scarves, tote bags, wallets, bracelets with different colorful patterns. Brocade items have been seen as a great souvenir or a lovely gift from Sapa for family, friends.

You should definitely buy a blanket case,  a pillow case or  a sheet at brocade kiosks. These items will make your bedroom cozy and beautiful.
Jewellery in Sapa is various. All women from different ethnic minorities in Sapa wear about more than 10 items of bracelets, necklaces, ear-rings, rings, belts…All of the items are individual and nice.

Sapa is gifted with nutritious delicious fruits such as peaches, red plums, Cat Apple ( Tao Meo), famous San Lung wine, Thanh Kim rice wine, Thang Co… All these great goods are also available in the open market in Sapa.

The most interesting thing recommended to do in Sapa market is to go around the kiosks to look at the sale items, to talk, to smile back to the locals. Sapa people’s hospitality and smile will give you an impression of a fairy land where everyone is as lenient as the fairies. Coming to Sapa and immersing yourself in Sapa market, you’ll have a chance to explore the attractively austere beauty of this hilly land.