Ta Phin Cave

Located 12 kilometers from Sapa townlet, in Ta Phin commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, Ta Phin Cave is attractive with its pristine nature.

Ta Phin reputes with the terraced rice fields, streams, etc. It has Red Dao ethnic minority and Mong… Come to Ta Phin, visitors will know more about their customs, traditions and lifestyle of people. The traditional cultural activities of the Red Dao have been staging of performances for tourists such as: wedding ceremonies, “Bai Tram”, “Mua chuong”, etc. The Mong have vowed festival, rituals solutions and Gau Tao festival. The festival has the participation of the community, starting with the set up plants from 20-25 December and the main festival is the third and 4th January in order to blesses and prays for crops. The natural beauty and ethnic identity are the factors which attract tourists to Ta Phin.

Ta Phin cave is place which has many valuable research, archeology and sightseeing. In the mountain, it has a small mountain; a height of gate is about 5 meters, it’s wide about 3 meters, which open a passage through the ground. From here, this cave splits into many ways which suit for only one people. Following the large wall, we feel like crossing a cliff. Especially, the widest spot on the roof is about 8 meters height, which has the drooping stalactites creating illusion space.
Ta Phin Cave with a number of different colors, makes tourists feel as if they were in the fairy land. To explore this cave is really a wonderful experience for all lovers of nature.