Thang Co

Thang Co is a traditional dish of the Mong ethnic group in the mountainous north-western region. The words “Thang Co” in  H’Mong language  means “big pot of water”. 

Thang Co has been known for years as a speciality of the Mong culture. Nowadays, the dish is cooked by not only H’mong people but also the other minority groups such as: Dao, Tay, Thai…Therefore, it has become a popularly typical dish in the hilly NorthWest , especially in the fairs.

The traditional main ingredients include horse meat, organs of horse, vegetables and special kinds of spices. Now Thang Co is also cooked by buffalo meat, beef and pork.

Like many other dishes of H’Mong minority people, Thang Co is simply made. After the animal is butchered and washed, its meat and internal organs are chopped into small pieces. These pieces are mixed with special spices such as Amomum tsaoko, cinnamon twigs, ginger, citronella and then fried in a big pan in their own grease. When the frying is done, water is added to the pan and the meat is stewed for hours.

It’s recommended for men to enjoy Thang Co with liquor distilled from fermented corn and for women to eat it with fresh vegetables such as lemongrass, chayote, cabbage, chili leaf.

Thang Co has become a traditional dish served in the local fairs of the ethnic minorities living in the upland NorthWest. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy it when you visit Sapa!