The Fairy Stream

The Fairy Stream ( Suối Tiên in Vietnamese) is located in the South of Dien Khanh district, 20km away from the center of Nha Trang city.
Originating from Hon Ba Mount above the height of 800m, the Fairy Stream  flows down gorges, next around trees, and finally cross valleys. The stream belongs to Suoi Tien village and is divided into two branches. Its current winds with many turns and twists around the valley overflows the rock and then runs down into the delta. One branch runs northward into the field and the other flows eastward into Dau River and then merging themselves into the Cai River which faces Tu Quang Pagoda.

The charming scenery of the Fairy Stream with the Fairy Lake, chessboards and Fairy Caves has been the inspiration for many legends.
The name of Fairy Lake comes from a legend that once upon a time, fairies used to come down to the lake to relax themselves and have a bath.
The water of the lake is so limpid that the white sand at bottom surface of the lake can be seen. Skirting the stream bed up to the source, tourists can immerse themselves in a paradise with the murmurs of the water glistening in the sunlight. Along the two banks of the stream are layers of colorful stones of various shapes laying about in disorder.

The chessboards with full chess pieces are believed to have been used by faries. The stone sides remains the huge imprints of a five- fingered hand engraved on. The lengend says that once upon a time, the giant in a moment of enchantment upon seeing the swimming fairies, slipped and nearly fell into the water. He pressed his hands against a massive rock leaving his giant imprints that are easily to be seen by tourists now.

Exploring the charming fairy stream, the farther you paddle, the more excited you are. After each 20m, there is a small waterfall with a slope of 1- 2m  and under each waterfall is a little lake 30- 40 m² in width. The surrounding caves among the dense old trees  is the ideal halt for tourists to enjoy the fragrancy of the wild flowers.
Its romantic beauty has made Suoi Tien a must- see sight. You should not miss a chance to visit this amazing stream.