The Mansion of Vuong Family

 Located on a mountain with a tortoise’s back shape in Sa Phin Valley, Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, the house was originally the mansion of Vuong Chinh Duc, the head of the Vuong family – the most powerful Mong ethnic family in the region more than 100 years ago. He proclaimed himself as the King of the region, and adopted the title "Vua Meo", meaning "King of the Meo" (former name of the Mong ethnic group) to dominate all the northern mountainous region.

This house was expected to bring wealth and prosperity to the owner because the turtle is one of the four sacred animals in the traditional Vietnamese legend (the four being the Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle and Phoenix). It was arranged with 4 horizontal and 6 vertical blocks divided into 2 floors and 64 rooms. The house was decorated carefully with images of sacred and respected animal such as lion, dragon, bat and phoenix to show the prosperity and wealth of the family.

Around the mansion, there is a sturdy rocks wall which is 50cm in width, with a number of guarding towers and loopholes. This wall not only protects the family against the assault of enemies from the outside, but also forms a feeling of massiveness to the inner house. Outside of the mansion is the rock road that leads to the main entrance, and the tomb of the family.