The Valley of Love

 The Valley of Love, located about 5 km far from the center of Da Lat to the north, on Phu Dong Thien Vuong street, is of the most romantic and picturesque destinations in Da Lat in particular and in Vietnam in general.

The plateau which is now known as Da Lat City was discovered by French bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin and was mapped in 1893. In the middle of the 1910s, the urban area of Da Lat was formed and gradually became a resort center for French governmental officials and the rich French people in Indochina.
 In 1930, the French named the green and romantic valley “Vallé d’Amour”. In the reign of King Bao Dai, the region was called the Valley of Peace. Since 1953, it has recovered the name of Valley of Love until nowadays. In 1972,  a dam was built and Da Thien Lake came into being. In 1998, the Da Thien Lake – Valley of Love was recognized as a national landscape.

Throughout history, it has been one of the most picturesque and romantic sites of the city, with many deep valleys and endless pine forests. The tranquil Da Thien Lake adds a great deal to the attractiveness of the valley in general. To truly appreciate the sceneries is not hard, visitors can easily follow the natural tracks and staircases all around the valley to visit and admire the gorgeous flower gates and statues.

The tracks lead to Vong Canh Hill from which The Valley of Love’s magnificent view gradually appears in each traveler’s eyes. From that hill, visitors can also see the Langbian peaks standing out vividly against the blue sky, or continue their adventure to find the Paradise Hill, another ideal destination which is surrounded by beautiful lakes.

Wandering around the Valley of Love, one should not miss the love lock bridge, which has long been the place for lovers to show their love and wish for endless affection by attaching a lock to it. Besides enjoying the breathtaking scenery there, tourists are excited about a huge “magic faucet” lying in the air.

Love Lock Bridge in Da Lat

There are also several other activities to enjoy like swan boat pedaling, canoeing, tandem biking and horse riding. Visitors to the Valley of Love can also go camping or use teambuilding services with adequate facilities. The place is often chosen to host the annual festival celebrating Valentine’s Day (February 14) in Da Lat.