Thien Cung Cave

Located in the southwest of Halong Bay, 4 km away from Dau Go Island, Thien Cung Cave (Heaven Cave) is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. The cave covers an area of approximately 10,000 sqm with complex interior structure consisting of many floors and high ceiling. The unique system of stalactites and stalagmites with different forms and shapes has made the cave become more fascinating and famous than others.

Thien Cung Cave is related to a legend about an ancient Dragon King. Accordingly, after the Dragon King helped people defeating invaders, he returned to his cave. In that year, the severe drought happened, which greatly affected crops, therefore, people had to ask for the help of the Dragon King. One day, there was a young couple determining to seek the Dragon King. They had a daughter named May. When May grew up, her beauty caught the eye of Dragon Prince and he fell in love with her. Later on, their wedding was held during 7 days in the center of the cave

In honour of the wedding, small dragons flew about through the stalactites and stalagmites, elephants danced together happily, snakes twined themselves around trees and two stone lions danced with their manes flowing in the wind. A large elephant, smartly dressed, waited for the bride and the groom. The genies of the south and north stars also came to attend the banquet, and the atmosphere was definitely animated and lively. All these scenes have been seemingly fossilized in the grotto. 

It will be an interesting experience when exploring Thien Cung Cave with its craggy cliffs. Walking through a narrow door, you would be surprised by a large space and spectacular formation of stalactites inside the cave. Impressive structure stalactites and stalagmites offer tourist the most fantastic feeling ever. The folk tales or the legends can be interpreted from the pictures inside amazing cave.

In the centre are four large pillars supporting the “roof of heaven.” From the base to the top, many strange images seem to live in the stone: birds, fish, flowers and even scenes of human life. On the north wall of the grotto a group of fairies seem to dance and sing in honour of the wedding. Under the immeasurably high roof, stalactites make a natural stone curtain. Somewhere there is the sound of a drum beating, but it is actually just the noise made by the wind blowing through stone. 

Arriving at the last partition of the grotto, a natural gushing stream of water babbles throughout the year. Here are three small ponds of clear water. Legend has it, that this was where May bathed her 100 children, bringing them up wisely and happily into adolescence. One path meanders out of the grotto; it was the way May, together with 50 of her children, took to harvest new lands. The 50 remaining children, together with their father, were left to build the native land. Left behind by the mother was the natural stream described above.

Once coming out of Thien Cung Cave, you'll be charmed by the panoramic view of Halong Bay and Halong City. A tour of Thien Cung takes about 1 hour to complete and there are no facilities to assist those with difficulties in climbing.