Thien Nga Islet

Located on Bai Tu Long Bay, right next to Cong Tay Island and Cong Dong Island, the stone Thien Nga Islet (Swan Islet)  has beautiful shape and is considered to be the most impressive mountain.

This island consists of three large stones situated ties stacked with oblique cross-fractured surface. Three rocks look like sliding over each other. Thien Nga Islet is about 15 meters high above the sea level and it looks like collapsing into the sea. The largest rock forms a swan body and the two above rocks shape a head and neck of the swan. The perfect combination of these rocks creates a great sculpture sharing the shape with a swan. Gazing from a far distance, the islet resembles a beautiful swan swimming on the sea and losing its herd.
Adjacent and surrounding islands, there are many other islands as if they gathered to admire her graceful Swan. This stone swan has taken up countless time and rolls of film of tourists.