Tranh Waterfall

Situated about 7kms southeast of Duong Dong Town, after a short 15 minute stroll along the shaded forest path visitors reach the Tranh Waterfall.

Suoi Tranh waterfall is a white-water creek tumbling across some attractive large granite boulders, with greenery all around and colorful wild orchids clinging to tree trunks, creating a poetic scenery between pristine nature. There are deep pools and it’s nice enough for a dip.

You can bring some foods, tarpaulin for a picnic on the banks of Suoi Tranh waterfall, then delight immersed in the cool water, relaxing with forest incense and hear the birds singing... Additionally, near Suoi Tranh waterfall also there are a few caves, such as the bat cave located on a mountain about 200m high and deep to 50m, with fancy stalactites, suitable for your short trip to explore.